About Us

MR Trading - "Price and Volume"

We are passionate about the analysis of assets and operations according to the sole study of supply and demand. Therefore, our operations are based on the analysis of volume, along with the price structure, as well as the reading of the signs that the professional gives us in the price’s development. We focus on knowing the areas where the professional is obliged to act and on which hints he will leave behind.

The above is what we are trying to embody into this project. It is the starting point for the path a trader must follow in order to interpret the charts efficiently.

The price of any element results from the imbalance between buyers and sellers. A product that has no buyers is bound to reduce its price until it reaches a point at which people are willing to buy.

In our case, it is the big professional, who commands the price. He determines, according to his interests, how the price of an asset will develop. Thus, provoking mentioned imbalances in certain moments and price areas. These are the areas we need to identify.


Miguel A. Ramírez Ruiz

“Success comes when knowledge overcomes fear”